Why choose Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd. as your technology partner?

LED growlighting is a new technology and is rapidly changing the face of commercial horticulture production.   We pride ourselves in being constantly educated in this arena, and in continuing to align ourselves with LED component manufacturers and researchers who are perpetual innovators and tops in the lighting industry. 

|| Relationships First!  Quality First! 

The quality of our relationships with our customers, suppliers, and team is our top priority,
As are the quality and longevity of our products

Behind every hi-tech luminary created by Bluetech lies a thorough research on what light does and can do.  Produced in Shenzen, China, Bluetech LED luminaires are developed and manufactured with the highest attention to quality, safety, and performance.  All of our products meet and exceed the requirements of international safety and performance standards including North American DLC.  Why are they the best LED grow lights 2019? Because they also remarkably exceed DLC performance thresholds.


||  Our clients can have confidence that Bluetech products will consistently meet or exceed their expectations.


  •  We partner only with top-tier, certified component suppliers
  • Production is carried out in  facilities that follow the ISO9001 Quality Management System standard
  • All incoming components and also finished products are subject to rigorous QC/QA processes
  • Thorough burn-in tests and a meticulous visual inspection processes before shipment eliminate the smallest possible early life defects, guaranteeing flawless performance over the life of the fixture
  • Independent NVLAP laboratory tests done at the University of Toronto Institute for Optical Sciences (Lumentra)
  • Our LED light fixtures are tested for performance and longevity projections in Toronto, Canada. 


|| North American Customer Service 

  • To our existing customers we offer technical assistance during regular business hours through our Toronto, Ontario based staff
  • Furthermore, our engineering team answers evening (E.S.T.) and weekend calls, providing technical assistance to any of our customers in need of urgent help
  • All sales inquiries must be directed to sales@BluetechGrowLED.com
  • || Unprecedented Warranty Service: We cover all shipping costs!

  • Our warranty covers “no questions asked” light fixture replacement for six years, including 100% of shipment costs to and from the customer!


ISO9001:2001 and ISO140001 Certifications

  • All of our manufacturing processes strictly adhere to the ISO9001:2001 international quality management and ISO14001 environment management standards


World-Wide Safety Certifications

  • A significant portion of our investment is focused on the rigorous product safety and durability testing required for our product to pass ETL, CETL, TUV, CE, RoHS, SAA, DLC, and other internationally recognized safety and performance certifications
  • Leading performance confirmed by independent NVLAP laboratory in Toronto (Lumentra) in charge of Energy Star and DesignLights Consortium approvals (DLC) listings are pending standards release expected in October 2018..



|| Our Core Values Are Set In Stone

  1. Enduring Relationships
    Building long-term, mutually supportive bonds with our customers, suppliers, and each other
  2. Customer Focus
    Listening to and understanding the needs of customers and providing quality solutions to meet their needs, with a focus on their success
  3. Quality
    Consistently achieving desired results
  4. Commitment
    Consistently creating value for our customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders
  5. Integrity
    Having and demonstrating the best of “old fashioned” values, including honesty and respect
  6. Passion
    Intense interest in and enthusiasm for what we do
  7. Creative Thinking
    Fresh, creative, and innovative approaches to solving problems
  8. Trust
    Earning trust and respect by being truthful even when it is against our best interests.
    Reliable and competent, we exchange open and honest feedback
  9. Professionalism
    We do everything according to professional standards and established best practices



    Bluetech best 2019 grow light

    Gen 1. Canopus, Bloom day 15.