Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd. World Wide Warranty and Return Policy


  • Bluetech warranty is valid for 6 years from the date of invoice 
  • The driver warranty is 7 years, by driver manufacturer (120-277V drivers)
  • This Warranty applies to both the original purchaser and the end-user

The warranty is valid only for Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd. products that were installed according to all locally valid relevant codes and standards.  The product must be used under normal conditions as described in the provided installation instructions or manual.

The customer must report any issues within 30 calendar days of them being noticed.

Upon receiving notification via phone call or email from the customer, Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd. will replace defective products within ten working days pending approved inspection of the returned product, except:

  • Products that have been modified by the user
  • Products that were not installed or maintained according to local codes and standards, or according to the provided manual
  • Products that were subject to unusual physical or electrical stress, environmental damage, voltage fluctuations, power surges, rapid on-off cycles, misuse, or negligence
  • Returned products that were non-defective, or defective in ways not relating to product functionality
  • Products which were modified by an unauthorized third party
  • Other damages sustained by the product after receipt of the product by the customer

Return Policy

Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd. will replace defective products within ten working days pending our approved inspection of the returned product(s) by inspecting pictures and/or videos of the defective product(s).  If a replacement or repair is not practical or possible, we will credit the buyer’s account with an amount equal to the original purchase price.

Shipping of Returns and Replacements

Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd. will cover the cost of shipping for the return of the defective product, and for the shipment of replacement products to the customer.  We will cover the cost of shipping for shipment via UPS Ground.

Unless specifically agreed in writing prior to any work commencing, we will not reimburse unexpected costs or expenses, including, but not limited to, labor or other costs associated with the inspection, removal or re-installation of the product.


“Defective” is considered if ten percent (10%) or more of the LEDs, per product, are non-operating LEDs, total lumen depreciation exceeds 15%, or color temperature has shifted more than 500deg. Kelvin within the warranty period.  If Bluetech chooses to replace the Product and is not able to do so because it has been discontinued or is not available, Bluetech may replace it with a comparable product.  Where defects in materials, manufacturing, or design cause the product’s failure, the product shall be repaired or replaced at Bluetech’s discretion.  Transport related damage is also included in this policy and should be redeemable through transport contracts.  In any event, the user will not dispose of the claimed defective product until the claim has been resolved.

All Other Warranties are Disclaimed

Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd. disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for use or fitness for a particular purpose.  Moreover, no other express warranty or guaranty given by any person or entity with respect to Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd. products shall bind Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd.

Accessory Items

Accessory items not manufactured by Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd. including, but not limited to, sensors, controls, emergency backup, and transformers are warranted in accordance with each 3rd party manufacturer’s warranty.

Warranty Claim Process

Within 30 days of noticing defect, customer must contact Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd. with the original purchase document (invoice), to request a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form.

Replacement products will be shipped to designated address in the RGA form along with a return shipping label for failed products.  Replacement products will be charged to Purchaser’ account and credited if/when failed products are received by Bluetech Industry Co., Ltd.

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