|| Bluetech LED Samsung Quantum Boards independent test reports confirmed PPE photon efficacy in excess of 2.86µmol/J and CRI >94

These world-class performance values have been independently verified at Bay Area Compliance Laboratories (BACL Shenzhen).  All finished product luminaire testing and DLC application processes have been done at University of Toronto Optical Sciences Laboratory (LUMENTRA).  


Download Samsung Quantum Board test report here
Download finished 660W grow light  test report here 


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Bluetech Horticultural research and development 

 Bluetech’s horticultural lighting research and development focuses on two major fields:

 • Plant light response

 • LED technology: This development work has been carried out by experienced optical, bio-spectral, electrical, thermal and mechanical engineers from China, Taiwan, Canada and Europe  


 || This work is carried out in-house and in direct collaboration with our customers

All Bluetech horticultural lighting research is performed with three goals in mind:

• To deliver the maximum value to our customers by lowering the costs associated with lighting equipment production and acquisitions
• To increase “per-Watt” and “per-square-foot” revenues through better light quality
• To generate 2-digit R.O.I. through saving energy whenever and wherever possible

 || Customers have enjoyed the directly measurable results of our research in the form of better yields,  improved product quality, faster production cycles and reduced utility bills


Samsung LM561C Horticulture Lighting Group

Samsung Quantum Board LED modules with
Samsung & Osram top-bin chips

📌 Download test report here.