Horticultural Lighting: Our Passion for Innovation


|| Built to the highest standards

Bluetech horticultural luminaire designs take full advantage of LEDs that offer more options in designing the light spectrum compared to traditional high intensity discharge (HID) lights or fluorescent technologies.

Independent NVLAP certified testing lab verified that custom Samsung Quantum Board light source PPE efficacy exceeds 2.86 μmol/J (micromole per Joule) — download test report. Using these advanced light sources, Bluetech lighting systems are some of the most efficient and powerful on Earth.


|| Bluetech is the only company in the world that manufactures 800W LED grow lights with an independent laboratory verified 1700μmol/s light output.*

* Data subject to final product release laboratory testing.

Rather than using generic, off-the-shelf LEDs that are limited to warm/cool white and daylight colours, we chose to solely use top-tier LED chips and high efficiency Quantum Board configurations specifically developed for commercial horticulture.

By using application-specific technology, our fixtures save energy, increase production, and improve the quality of plants.  Bluetech luminaries are even sufficiently powerful to enable pollinating bees to operate without sunlight.

Powerful Light Sources With Little Heat

LED luminaries do not radiate heat in the direction of light, as the heat generated by the LEDs is drawn away from them to ensure high light output and a long lifespan. This means that luminaries can be placed very close to plants, enabling high density multi-layer installations. In these configurations, plants never experience temperatures hotter than natural conditions due to the minimal heat generated by LEDs.


Robust Industrial Design With No Fans!

|| Bluetech light fixtures are robust and designed to ensure a long lifespan in some of the toughest horticultural applications.

The commercial greenhouse environment presents numerous hazards to moving components, such as moisture and dirt. 

📌  In such environments mechanical fans and water-cooling systems have proven themselves to be unreliable,

These are reasons why our design engineers eliminated moving parts from our luminaries.  Every Bluetech light fixture is passively cooled and protected against humidity, offering an L90 – 90% light output maintenance 50,000+ hour lifespan, with minimal maintenance.