Legal Disclaimer 

Use of Bluetech products for any unlawful purpose is strictly prohibited.

Bluetech horticultural products were designed with the intent of creating a stimulating growth environment for plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and herbs and supporting the year-round indoor growth of plants in locales and climates with unsuitable outdoor conditions.

Bluetech horticultural lighting products are to be used for lawful purposes only. 

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to know and abide by all laws pertaining to the use of Bluetech grow lights.

Bluetech and its distributors will not be held liable for any unlawful municipal, provincial, state, or federal activity arising from the post-sale use of our products.  

By purchasing a Bluetech grow light product, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and confirming that you as the purchaser are attesting to the lawful use of our product, and are thereby solely responsible for acting in conformance with all applicable laws and regulations.