Best LED Grow Lights 2019 technology description:  Our team of skilled engineers has chosen the best LED grow lights 2019 design over all other technological options available today..
📌 PASSIVE COOLING  – no mechanical reliability issues and fan noise


📌 LOW HEAT LIGHT OUTPUT – 90% less heat on the plant than from HPS sodium lamp. 50% lower overall heat output


|| CANOPUS Gen. 2 light fixtures have been newly upgraded for indoor Cannabis horticulture facilities with rolling tables and large areas requiring a blanket coverage of high intensity, high uniformity, evenly diffused light.

Product name2019 CANOPUS 360W2019 CANOPUS 720W
🔴 Gen. 2 available Jan. 2019🔴 Gen. 2 available Jan. 2019
Cat. NumberBT-CP-360W-xxxxxBT-CP-720W-xxxxx
HPS Sodium Lamp Equivalent400W SE (Single-Ended)1000W DE (Double-Ended)
LED ChipsSamsung & Osram top binsSamsung & Osram top bins
Input Watts @120VAdjustable to max. 362WAdjustable to max. 724W
📌 PPF Output @full power859 μmol/s1718 μmol/s
📌 LED Quantum Board Measured Efficacy2.864μmol/J2.864μmol/J
📌 Light Fixture Measured Efficacy2.37μmol/J2.37μmol/J
Spectrum A (suffix -xxxxx)FCCI - Full Cycle Spectrum Cannabis IndoorFCCI - Full Cycle Spectrum Cannabis Indoor
Spectrum B (suffix -xxxxx)EBCI - Extra Bloom Spectrum Cannabis Indoor (other purpose spectra available, contact factory)EBCI - Extra Bloom Spectrum Cannabis Indoor (other purpose spectra available, contact factory)
Remote driver optionn/aYes, for multi-deck vertical grows
Input Voltage (Autosensing)120 - 277VAC120 - 277VAC
Input Voltage (Canada)n/a347VAC
Input Current @120V3.0A6.0A
Input Current @240V1.5A3.0A
Input Current @347Vn/a2.0A
Dimensions955 x 259 x 95mm955 x 508 x 105mm
Dimensions37.6 x 10 x 4inch37.6 x 20 x 4.1inch
Weight10.8kg / 23.8lbs17.4kg / 38.4lbs
📌 WarrantyFixture 5 years, drivers 7 yearsFixture 5 years, drivers 7 years
📌 Canada Customersn/a347VAC input available
ApprovalsETL, DLC (pending)ETL, DLC (pending)

FLIR thermographic imaging of BT-CP-660W series (660W)
Tmax = 67C / 153F

Compared with HPS lamps, very little heat is generated



We are honest and honorable people, fully transparent in all aspects of our business.
We earn trust and respect by being truthful even when it is against our best interests.


The quality of our relationships with our customers, suppliers, and team is our top priority,
Rather than advertising, repeat customer and word of mouth referrals are the main factors behind our rapid growth.


We don’t lie about delivered performance.
We don’t present fake or manipulated “case studies” or “brand comparisons” like those  that are common on the web.
We don’t show superficial “product of the year” labels, fake reviews by paid writers, or other hype.  We don’t use sleek marketing videos or “grow tent yield comparisons” to trick customer into buying one brand over another.


about the best 2019 LED grow lights Hortilume

Is your product designed for hobbyists or for commercial use?
Our goal is to deliver an affordable and scalable plant lighting solution that’s attainable by both small-scale hobby hydroponics growers and large-scale, commercial-grade medical and licensed installations, indoor or greenhouse.

Our success is based on filling the need for high quality, affordable solid state horticultural light fixtures that actually do the job.
Our customers are mostly professional growers that don’t use consumer-grade toys (which often look like disco lights).

Can I buy your lights on Amazon, Alibaba, or other e-commerce websites?
No.  Our products are professional-grade, a step above the quality of the consumer products you find on Amazon and other consumer web sites.  Our qualified professional distributors will be pleased to work with you, including special quotes for larger commercial projects.
How can your light fixtures reach such a high system efficacy? How true are your published specifications?
Our Canopus series grow lights use the latest Samsung and Osram LEDs, hand-picked from top-shelf bins.  Unlike Chinese-made “Epistar”, “Epileds” and “Bridgelux” used by competitors who sell less expensive product, LEDs that we use are the best performing LED chips in the world.  They are the Lamborghinis of the LED industry.

These top-quality LEDs are expensive.  We also use lots of them, with more than 3000 pieces in certain 800W models.  This is how we reach industry-leading performance that isfully documented by NRTL certified independent testing laboratories.  For example, popular consumer brand Kindled uses only 320 Chinese LEDs in their highest-power, 600W light.

Some of the biggest-name brands, recognizable by multiple cooling fans, advertising “proprietary intensified x-band spectrum” and fancy looking remote control systems, invest in sleek web sites, Youtube marketing videos, and a tsunami of what seem to be mostly overhyped web reviews.

These companies publish Watts, and push you to buy even more watts, but they never publish the true efficacy of their products.

Other brands not publishing, or reluctant to give third party test reports are, to say the least, suspicious.

Our own tests, performed on precisely calibrated equipment, confirmed that the efficacy of some of the Kind-est, Dog-est, Calif-est, Solar-est, and King-est top-end lights only reaches around 1.4 to 1.6µmol/J.

One popular brand even specifically states in their web site “At 1050 actual watts and 1602 μMol/s total photon flux….” .. meaning efficacy of 1.53umol/J.  We won’t say which company that text is from, but Google will if you search for that text.

Independent testing labs have confirmed the efficacy of Bluetech’s light engines to be 2.812µmol/s, what is up to 100% more photon output using the same power as competing light fixtures (download certified test report here).

It takes five of our established competitors’ light fixtures, at the same per-fixture wattage as ours, to deliver the same results as just two Bluetech Canopus industrial lights of the same wattage.

In other words, one Bluetech Canopus 640W delivers the same PPF, or Photosynthetic Photon Flux energy, in µmol/s, and results as 1100W of grow lights from popularly hyped consumer brands.

These savings are substantial and cannot be ignored as they can add significant amounts of money to your bottom line.

The above statements are strictly based on test reports produced from calibrated laboratory testing equipment, and are not intended to bash our competitors.  Our competitors’ lights also produce results but to match the yield results of our product, you would have to buy more of their lights, using up to 100% more power due to their inefficiencies and cooling requirements.

I tried several China-made LED grow lights, but their results were disappointing. Some of them also died quickly, and I was unable to get any help from the supplier. Why should I buy another Chinese brand?
The LED grow light industry has exploded in the last few years.  Along with that, a huge number of (mostly Chinese) low quality LED manufacturers, have started selling lights that either don’t produce the results they claim or simply don’t last.  In most instances, both.

This is definitely not the case with all lights made in China. In fact, some of the best LED grow lights (and other electronic products) are made in Chinese factories.

If you’ve had a bad experience in the past, either with a low-quality product or getting support, we guarantee that you will not have this kind of experience with Bluetech.

All of our manufacturing processes are certified to strictly adhere to the ISO9001:2001 international quality management and ISO14001 environmental management standards. Our warranty and post-sale service is one of the best in the industry.

In addition, our Toronto-based North American customer service center, staffed by engineering support staff is available 24 hours a day.

What type of lenses do you use?
Although our competitors claim “best penetration down to bottom branches” by using mostly narrow-beam (90-degree or 60-degree or “mixed”) lenses, we decided to stay away from lenses because every lens, no matter how well designed, absorbs anywhere from 10% to 15% of the valuable photons emitted by the LED.

Research has confirmed that for every 10% drop in light output, your yield will also be reduced by 10%.   Reliability is also an issue, as lenses are usually made from plastic that will deteriorate over time, leading to even greater light losses at the lens.
If we were to use plastic in the optical path of our products we would be unable to offer our unique 6-year, no questions asked, bumper-to-bumper performance warranty.

How can you get proper “punch” without lenses?
Instead of plastic lenses, our Canopus series light fixtures can use optional 98% pure silver coated aluminum reflectors made by the German company Alanod.   Despite the material used in Alanod reflectors being up to 20 times more expensive than the plastic used in lenses, we chose these reflectors for their legendary reliability.   For the same reason, Alanod brand has been a favorite reflector material in horticultural lighting since the beginning.

The light loss from the LEDs to the plants has been verified to be negligible – less than 0.5%.   In addition, unlike lenses, reflector-based optics deliver more diffuse light at lower angles, leading to better canopy penetration.

Bluetech products deliver optimum optical performance in any type of indoor or outdoor growing application.

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